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Charming Accommodation in the Heart of Bedford

Corporate Services

As more and more research highlights the link between happy, healthy employees and productivity, performance and organisational sustainability, it is essential that businesses invest in workplace wellness. According to Parks and Steelman, 2008, and several related studies, these kinds of programmes are linked with reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, improved employee performance and team cohesion which all result in a more successful and sustainable organisation.

At The Duke of Bedford Inn, with its state of the art facilities, luxury accommodation and superb food, you and your team are guaranteed a charming venue where you will be nurtured, nourished and rejuvenated so that you can take your organization forward as a high performing, sustainable competitor in an ever-more demanding business environment.

Situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape, the idyllic country town of Bedford is centrally located with ease of access from both Port Elizabeth and East London. With its quiet rural atmosphere and access to amenities and activities, Bedford provides an ideal setting for corporate getaways.

workplace wellness training
fine dining at The Duke of Bedford Inn
luxury accommodation at The Duke of Bedford Inn

Our Workplace Wellness & Development Programmes

Due to the quality and experience of our consultants, the Duke of Bedford can offer a variety of tailor made corporate wellness and organisational development packages based on your needs and priorities. All our packages are based on empirically evidenced approaches and cutting-edge research. Our corporate wellness programs typically include training and education around health and wellness, stress management, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict management and leadership.

Corporate Wellness

1. Stress Management

We provide holistic, person-centred and sustainable stress-management training that is based on positive psychology, mindfulness and adult learning principles. Packages can include:

  • Emotional Intelligence training
  • Mindful-Wellness training
  • Nutritional training
  • Strengths-based living
  • Creating balance and managing time
  • Happiness training

2. Team Dynamics

We work with teams to improve:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration strategies
  • Conflict management

3. Leadership

Contemporary, transformational leadership programmes tailored to your teams’ needs based on current research that include:

  • Coaching
  • Strengths-based approaches
  • Happiness training
  • Mindfulness and compassion principles
  • Conversational leadership

Organisational Development Services

1. Strategic Planning

Effective and workable strategic planning is integral to organisational sustainability. Our team can help you to bring a fresh perspective to this process.

2. Performance Management

We provide performance management consulting and coaching to enhance team and organisational productivity and performance.

Your Workplace Wellness Coach

With over 10 years of experience in the non-profit palliative care field, Susan McGarvie has extensive experience in organisational development, coaching, counselling, training and facilitation as well as course material development.

Susan is a qualified nurse with a business management certificate from WITS Business School, an honours degree in psychology, a masters’ in palliative care, and is currently doing her PhD in psychology. Both her PhD and master’s research have focused on supporting healthcare professionals and addressing stress and burnout. To further support healthcare professionals, she has recently published a handbook to assist part time postgraduate research students called De-Stress your Dissertation.

Carl Wurz is a practising psychologist working in the Eastern Cape.  Initially trained as a civil engineer,  Carl has had a varied career which included working as a design engineer, starting and running a number of his own businesses (electronics, direct marketing, construction) and working as management consultant in the fields of Customer Relationship Management and data analysis, before finally entering the field of psychology.  Within the field of psychology, he is keenly interested in aspects such as neuropsychology, positive psychology the impact of mindfulness/meditation on mental well-being.   The application of this knowledge within the work environment is currently part of his further research.  Besides a Masters in Psychology, Carl has degrees in engineering and an MBA.  He is 55 years old and lives in Port Alfred.

Investment and Budgeting

Our team is ready to work with you to tailor a package that suits your organisation’s needs and resources.


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